Did you know?

A correctly designed insulated panel system can save you lots of money.

Precool Manufacturing recommends 100-125mm thick panels for positive temp and 150-200mm for freezer applications.

Coupled with a well-designed refrigeration system that is designed to cycle correctly – you will experience a cooling system that works – that saves you money and that has a long life

Precool would like to give you some Pointers when it comes to energy saving.

When you purchase a Precool cooling solution you are guaranteed of the best in design and energy efficiency. Panels will last a lifetime and refrigeration will save you money on Energy.

Energy costs are rising all the time, please consider the following when choosing your Panels

  • Check Insulation Density – ideal density is 24KG/M³ but down to 16KG/M³ is suitable
  • Check Insulation Thickness – Chiller rooms – 100mm and Freezer 150 – 200 mm
  • Try and Insulate all your floor areas as well – it goes a long way in saving on energy costs
  • Make sure the refrigeration design is done correctly. Precool Works with the best Refrigeration companies in South Africa with a proven Track Record in Design
  • If the refrigeration is not well designed – you will spend a lot of money on energy costs and the machines will break down more often, costing you in the long run
  • Dont choose that lowest price – it ends up costing you in the long run

 Precool is here to assist you in getting the optimum results