Panels are manufactured with a vast variety of cladding

  • Chromadek
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Fibre cement board
  • Magnesium oxide board
  • Precool can manufacture panels to suit your color needs

Standard Sizes

  • Width – precool panels have a standard width of 1135mm
  • Length – max length 18 meters (special transport needed)
  • Thickness – 30mm – 300mm

Jointing System

Panels are manufactured with a tongue and groove system as well as a pin and slot method. The tongue and groove serves to facilitate a high standard of insulation and the pin and slot system allows for easy assembly and cold rooms that are structurally sound

Cold Rooms

Precool Uses the highest quality products to manufacture our insulated panels. Precool panels incorporate two excellent structural qualities. Panels are made to suit any height. Roof panels can span 6 meters without assistance. Roofs longer than 6 meters require supporting beams. Vapor barrier is achieved by forcing Butyl Rubber Mastic under pressure into the panel joint warm face, before assembly.

Cold Room Specification

Panel Thickness: 70mm – 125mm

Cladding: 0.6mm Frost white Chromadek Steel

Insulation: 16 KG Density Virgin Grade Polystyrene.

Bonding Agent: Polyurethane (two part) adhesive.

Alternate insulation: Polystyrene – Mineral Wool – Polyphen – NEOPORE -

(When Polyurethane is used 50mm – 70mm is adequate for cold room application)

Freezer Room Specification

Panel Thickness: 125mm – 300mm

Cladding: 0.6mm Frost white Chromadek Steel

Insulation: 40 KG Density Polyurethane.

Bonding Agent: Polyurethane (two part) adhesive

Alternate insulation: Polyurethane – Mineral Fiber. Polyphen – NEOPORE -

(When Polyurethane is used 80mm – 150mm is adequate for freezer application)

Precool Roofing Systems

Precool Roofing: The next generation in insulated roofing made from Chromadek , Precool roofing is leading the way with its low pitch design, long spanning capability, excellent insulation, and ease of installation.