Precool has been manufacturing Chiller and Freezer Rooms for the last 44 years. Precool has been on the forefoot of research and development to ensure hermetically sealed joints which comprise of a tongue and groove joint with pin and slot locking. The vapour barrier

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is achieved by pressure injection of non hardening silicone on the warm side of the panel.The insulation material is cut slightly larger at the joints to create a joint under compression which will allow for shrinkage during use. Precool uses a variety of insulation material to suit the application namely polystyrene, exfoliated polyurethane, mineral wool, polyphen etc. A well designed chiller or freezer room will afford the end user a cost effective unit over many years. Don’t be fooled by using lesser standards which will afford a minimal cost saving initially but increase cost in the long run. We have constructed chiller and freezer rooms from the smallest to the largest and highest rooms in everyday usage.


Precool panels use a variety of cladding material from chromadek, galvanised sheet iron, stainless steel and aluminum. The adhesive which is used to bond the insulation core to the cladding is a very carefully monitored poly-urethane so as to ensure a perfect glue line.

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All insulation is inspected prior to lamination to ensure no voids or imperfection. The cladding sheet is roll formed to create a stressed skin to maintain rigidity as well as the top and bottom lips which are bent over to create super strength in the panel. Precool insulated panels can be used for any building under the sun! from ablution block to zebra spotting rooms. Precool manufactures panels for all types of applications from the food industry to the mining industry and all requirements in-between.


Precool manufactures both hinged and sliding doors. Our hinged doors are all infitting. Precool hinged doors are fabricated with a frame of impact resistant PVC which is grooved allowing fitting of the silicone gasket without the use of any mechanical fixings so that replacement requires very little expertise or time.

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Unless mechanically or chemically damaged the gasket should last a life time. Precool also manufactures sliding doors which have the quality of having exactly the same insulation values as the surrounding paneling so as to ensure no insulation loss. The gaskets are extruded rubber in a double layer to create a perfect seal. The door hardware if of European manufacture and design with CE approval as well as ISO approval. The hard-ware for the hinged doors is also of the highest quality European design. Chiller and Freezer Hinged Doors | Sliding Doors | Glass Doors | Vertical Doors | High Speed Doors


Precool manufactures Fire proof panels from Rock Wool as well as Polyphen. Both Materials offer excellent Fire Properties.

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We advise you to Build your structures in the most fire friendly way ensuring the correct structural fixings to maximise your safety in case of fire.


Precool Prides ourselves on being one of the only companies in the World that has so much experience on making

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composite insulated panels. These panels allow the user to be confident that the valuable equipment or goods that are stored behind our High Security panels will not only be fire proof but also safe from theft


Precool has the experience to make special sound proof panels to house noisy equipment and keep the noise to a minimum.

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We use special perforated panels for this purpose filled with unique sound absorbing materials. Panels are made into structural units and assembled on site.


Precool offers a full range of do it yourself cold and freezer rooms

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that can be easily installed and commissioned by YOU

Our Kits come with a base if required which takes away the need for a concrete floor

Sizes range from 1,5 x 1,5 x 2,4 all the way to 6 x 3 x 2.4 freezer or chiller

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Precool Specializes in Meeting our customers unique needs

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We have many years experience in Developing Insulated systems that fit the exact needs of different industries From Insulated Patios to Sound Proof enclosures and specialized trailers – we will always try our best to meet your individual needs