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Quality Insulated Cold Rooms Since 1969

50 Years of Mastery

Precool is one of South Africa’s most trusted insulated panel and cold room manufacturers and has been in operation since 1969.

We are Passionate about our products and are committed to total customer satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of products and services from DIY kits to customised cold rooms.


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A half century of manufacture have created a wealth of experience. Take a look at some of the projects that we’ve successfully completed over the years

Small (3-35m2)
  • Beer cold rooms
  • Mortuary rooms
  • Butcher rooms with meat rails
  • Glass doors rooms
  • Small freezer projects
  • Data Centre Housings
  • Sound Cancelling rooms
  • Fruit Drying facilities
  • Cannabis Drying rooms
Medium (36-300m2)
  • Combination chiller freezers
  • Small pack facilities
  • Small office complexes
  • Supermarket chiller and freezer rooms
  • Equipment Shelters
Large (301-30000m2)
  • Industrial Chiller rooms
  • Large Pack Facilities
  • Food processing facilities
  • Industrial Freezer rooms
  • Temperature controlled Distrbution Centers

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PRECOOL corporate head office:
429 Carl St, Pretoria West
Pretoria, 0183, South Africa

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