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Energy Saving

When you purchase a Precool cooling solution you are guaranteed of the best in design and energy efficiency. Panels will last a lifetime and refrigeration will save you money on Energy.

A correctly designed insulated panel system can save you lots of money.

Precool Manufacturing recommends 100- 125mm thick panels for positive temp and 150-200mm for freezer applications. Coupled with a well-designed refrigeration system that is designed to cycle correctly – you will experience a cooling system that works – that saves you money and that has a long life

Precool would like to give you some Pointers when it comes to energy saving. When you purchase a Precool cooling solution you are guaranteed of the best in design and energy efficiency. Panels will last a lifetime and refrigeration will save you money on Energy.

Energy costs are rising all the time, please consider the following when choosing your Panels

  • Check Insulation Density – ideal density is 24KG/M³ but down to 16KG/M³ is suitable
  • Check Insulation Thickness – Chiller rooms – 100mm and Freezer 150 – 200 mm
  • Try and Insulate all your floor areas as well – it goes a long way in saving on energy costs
  • Make sure the refrigeration design is done correctly. Precool Works with the best Refrigeration companies in South Africa with a proven Track Record in Design
  • If the refrigeration is not well designed – you will spend a lot of money on energy costs and the machines will break down more often, costing you in the long run
  • Dont choose that lowest price – it ends up costing you in the long run

Precool is here to assist you in getting the optimum results


A half century of manufacture have created a whealth of experience. Take a look at some of the projects that we’ve successfully completed over the years.

Light Commercial
Cold Rooms

Supermarkets, business owners and quality refrigeration contractors have trusted Precool for 50 years to supply premium cold and freezer rooms for the storage of temperature sensative products.

  • Fish supply
  • Butchery rooms
  • Ice storage and production
  • Supermarket rooms – deli, fish, meat, bakery and beverage coolers

Large Industrial

Precool has been perfecting its products into the large and mega industrial storage facilities.

  • 20 000 pallets freezer storage - mega storage rooms
  • Large industrial food production facilities 16000m² facilities
  • Agricultural packing and storage rooms
  • Poultry facilities for hatcheries, abattoirs, and storage
  • All over the African continent


Precool supplies custom designed rooms that incorporate the full array of doors.

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Glass doors
  • Custom made doors

Hinged doors

From 650mm – 1400mm wide

Precool hinged doors for Chiller and Freezer Application.

Precool doors are of a superior quality Doors have a high Impact PVC Extrusion and Silicone Gasket for excellent Sealing Properties.

Freezer Doors have a Heated Frame Only Industry leading hardware is used on our doors.

Sliding doors

From 700mm – 3000mm wide

Fermatic Sliding door hardware is standard on our Sliding doors.

Fermod has been supplying Precool for 45 years and the quality is amazing. Fully Programable AUTO slider doors are available too.

Glass doors

Double Glazed glass doors for Chiller and Freezer application is a nice way to showcase your retail food and pharma products

Custom made doors

Custom made doors also available to your specification


Panels are manufactured with a vast variety of cladding

  • Chromadek
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Fibre cement board
  • Magnesium oxide board
  • Precool can manufacture panels to suit your color needs

Standard Sizes

  • Width – precool panels have a standard width of 1135mm
  • Length – max length 18 meters (special transport needed)
  • Thickness – 30mm – 300mm

Jointing System

Panels are manufactured with a tongue and groove system as well as a pin and slot method. The tongue and groove serves to facilitate a high standard of insulation and the pin and slot system allows for easy assembly and cold rooms that are structurally sound

Cold Rooms

Precool Uses the highest quality products to manufacture our insulated panels. Precool panels incorporate two excellent structural qualities. Panels are made to suit any height. Roof panels can span 6 meters without assistance. Roofs longer than 6 meters require supporting beams. Vapor barrier is achieved by forcing Butyl Rubber Mastic under pressure into the panel joint warm face, before assembly.

Cold Room Specification

  • Panel Thickness: 70mm – 125mm
  • Cladding: 0.6mm Frost white Chromadek Steel
  • Insulation: 16 KG Density Virgin Grade Polystyrene.
  • Bonding Agent: Polyurethane (two part) adhesive.
  • Alternate insulation: Polystyrene – Mineral Wool – Polyphen – NEOPORE -
  • (When Polyurethane is used 50mm – 70mm is adequate for cold room application)

Freezer Room Specification

  • Panel Thickness: 125mm – 300mm
  • Cladding: 0.6mm Frost white Chromadek Steel
  • Insulation: 40 KG Density Polyurethane.
  • Bonding Agent: Polyurethane (two part) adhesive
  • Alternate insulation: Polyurethane – Mineral Fiber. Polyphen – NEOPORE -
  • (When Polyurethane is used 80mm – 150mm is adequate for freezer application)

Precool Roofing Systems

The next generation in insulated roofing made from Chromadek , Precool roofing is leading the way with its low pitch design, long spanning capability, excellent insulation, and ease of installation.

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